3 Tips to Quickly Market Your Vacation Home Rentals

3 Tips to Quickly Market Your Vacation Home Rentals

Visitors generate over $900 million in Wilmington, North Carolina, per year. This cash flow makes the city one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the country. Rental owners shouldn't pass up this opportunity.

The overwhelming demand alone is a huge (and free) marketing asset. The only thing left to do is to create a marketing strategy that attracts the right tenants to your rental.

Here are a few ways to market vacation home rentals quickly in Wilmington.

1. Work With a Property Management Company

Working with a property manager is one of the best ways to ensure consistent income with higher profits.

An experienced property manager will ensure the highest return on investment. They achieve this in a number of ways.

For starters, they handle all the paperwork for you.

Remember, Wilmington is a popular vacation spot so expect an influx of applications, especially if the rental is located in a tourist-heavy area. Property managers apply rigorous tenant screening protocols to filter applications quickly. This leaves only the best (and most reliable) tenants.

Property management companies provide online account portals to both owners and tenants. Tenants can easily pay their rent online and put in maintenance requests. Maintenance portals and property check-ins ensure that owners don't have to pay extra money for preventable repairs.

While the above benefits may not seem like marketing strategies, they're absolutely necessary for promoting short-term rentals.

For example, managers ensure that units are cleaned and ready to rent as soon as the previous tenants move out.

2. Listing Vacation Home Rentals

Property managers understand the budgeting behind successful marketing. That's why they invest in industry-standard software to list rentals across every major listing site. This software monitors and interprets real estate marketing data.

A high-quality rental listing is vital for attracting ideal tenants.

Since you're marketing a vacation home, you have to sell those amenities in the listing. Think about what vacationers want.

High-demand amenities include:

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • scenic backyards
  • relaxing spaces
  • appliance upgrades
  • clean living areas
  • updated kitchens

Close proximity to shops, beaches, and landmarks is a big draw, especially for new visitors. You may want to partner with a local blog that will promote your rental in a "things to do" blog. Think about the type of things people look for online when planning a trip to Wilmington.

Property managers also use social media marketing to promote rentals. Social media is also great for marketing experiences. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook give you more space to share photos of popular beaches, restaurants, and historical sites.

3. Presentation Matters

Next to compelling copy, property managers enlist the help of professional real estate photographers to snap eye-catching photos of your property. You can use these images for your social media marketing campaigns too.

Rest assured, managers will stage your rental just like the photos, presenting it in the best light to potential tenants.

A property management company will also show your rental to inquirers. You don't have to worry about booking a showing or taking rental applications.

Enjoy Your Rental Income

Owning vacation home rentals in a tourist hotspot is a goldmine if you manage everything right. Remember the value of a great property manager, listing strategies, and compelling images.

Let PMI Wilmington be your vacation rental partner. We handle everything from tenant procurement and rent collection to listing.

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